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We’re career healthcare providers. We don’t work for the insurance companies and we’re not in sales. No one likes a high-pressure sales situation, and it’s important to us that you understand we are here for you because we want to be. We’ve all been there so we understand the challenges you face and we want to help.

As licensed agents working independently, we work for you. We take your information and shop it around to all of the top companies in the industry to find you the best deal with the least hassle. We support every product and service we connect our clients to, and we remain a resource for you for any of your future needs.

We evaluate all of the available options on the market to best protect our clients, so reach out and we’ll get started!

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No one likes talking about life insurance, disability insurance, or retirement. Who has the time? You work all day and then go home where all of your household responsibilities are waiting. Or maybe it’s just stressful and overwhelming. Either way, we’ve got you. We can help find the best life insurance coverage for your loved ones. When your earnings are interrupted because of illness or injury, we’ve got a disability policy that eliminates the gap. Efficient and mindful planning ensures you’re comfortable long after you’ve retired.

As licensed independent agents we offer quotes, policy consulting, continuous support, and administration services for a range of plans. We know your days are filled with difficult decisions. Leave the insurance details to us.

Life Insurance

Your family is your top priority, so life insurance should be too. If there’s an unexpected loss of life, good coverage can provide your loved ones with lasting peace of mind. Passing on your financial burdens or debts to your dependents isn't cool, and a life insurance policy gives your family the protection they need to remain financially secure long after you’re gone.

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Life Insurance


Disability Insurance

What do growing your retirement fund, paying your mortgage, or planning that epic family vacation have in common? They depend on your ability to work. It’s smart to be prepared in case an accident or illness prevents you from doing your job. A disability insurance policy replaces a percentage of your income during extenuating circumstances so your family is financially protected while you're all laid up from that rollerblading incident.

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Disability Insurance



We love our jobs in healthcare, but we don’t want to work forever -- can we sleep in just once? With a solid retirement strategy, it can be simple to plan for early retirement. If you are transitioning to self-employment and are losing your workplace plan, we'll establish an individual plan so that saving for retirement is uninterrupted. With our help, you can focus on your career now and your comfort later.

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Meet the Team




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Jacob E. Bevilacqua


Incomologists™ founder, president, and agent, Jake Bevilacqua, has a long history with the healthcare industry. His father has been in the insurance and financial planning business since the ‘70s, but Jake – sorry, Dad – could not have been less interested in pursuing a career in that world. A relaxed leader and educator, his natural hands-on tendencies led him to a more boots-on-the-ground healthcare career.

After earning a BSN from the University of Pennsylvania, Jake transitioned to working as a nurse and paramedic, eventually becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist. He has worked as a CRNA since 2013 and served four of those years in leadership within the Massachusetts General Hospital system.

As Jake grew into his leadership role, he realized the thing that he was the most passionate about was taking care of his colleagues. He felt that he couldn’t help his coworkers as much as he wanted to within the confines of the current administrative systems. Pizza parties are great, but helping his colleagues achieve the financial security needed to cut back their hours to care for a family member or leave a toxic job without a backup plan is better. Helping his peers get to this point became his new mission.

He hit the books and got his insurance, Series 7, and Series 66 licenses, as well as the Accredited Investment Fiduciary – AIF® – designation. And thus, The Incomologists™ was born. As The Incomologists™ has grown, Jake has hand-selected a roster of incredibly talented fellow clinicians, advisors, and friends with strong moral compasses and a passion for doing the right thing. The team focuses on the education of their clients, and as they all have their own forms of income, they can do this without creating a high-pressure sales environment. 

In addition to being an instant friend to all he meets, Jake is currently a flight nurse and a practicing part-time CRNA as a 1099 contractor. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and their three rescue dogs. 

Securities and advisory offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fixed insurance products and services are separate from and not offered through Commonwealth.


VP of Operations

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Jacky Gonzalez


Jacky Gonzalez was born and raised in New Jersey. After graduating high school in 2004, she lived a nomadic lifestyle, relocating to Germany and then to Oklahoma, and having two beautiful daughters along the way. She also earned her Associate’s and Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Grantham University, which has since rebranded to the University of Arkansas.

After graduation, she worked for many years as a business development associate for a retirement planning company, where she worked in payroll, allocating the funds of their client’s employees toward their 401k accounts. She then went on to work for a homeowner’s insurance company in their underwriting and customer service departments.

In addition to working for The Incomologists™, Jacky is also a Florida Notary Public and works as a full-time administrative assistant at ShandsCair, where she manages payroll for 150 employees, organizes conferences, and has earned the honor of Employee of the Year. She has always wanted to help others and be a part of something where she could make a true difference. Enter Jake Bevilacqua. ShandsCair is where she met Jake, the founder, and president of The Incomologists™, and they became fast friends. Jake asked her to come on board as the VP of Operations and as an insurance coordinator, where she bridges the gap between the agent side and the underwriting side, working with the clients for two to three months during the insurance process as they make the 1099 transition.

Her transient life and motherhood in her early twenties made it difficult to feel rooted and establish a career when she was younger. She loves that working with the Incomologists™ team allows her to help a large variety of clinicians who are looking for more out of their jobs and income. She feels as though her operationally-minded approach to work is utilized to its fullest and best extent, and she believes they are building something revolutionary through their passion for helping others.

When Jacky isn’t working or notarizing she is spending quality time with her teenage daughters, Jizzelle and Alexia, and loving on her two dogs, Freak and Hemi. On any given weekend, you can find her taking day trips to new places, under a shady umbrella at the beach (because hello, skin care is important), taking an evening walk, or listening to Reggeaton.


VP of Fulfillment

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Patrick Keating


Patrick Keating earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Connecticut while simultaneously working as an anesthesia technician. Inspired by the work of the certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in his network, he went on to complete his ICU training at Vanderbilt University’s Level 1 Trauma Center. Upon completion of his Nurse Residency, he then earned his Master’s in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of New England in Portland, Maine.

After graduating, Patrick served as a CRNA at Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts for nine years, with two of those years serving in the leadership position of Chief CRNA. This role helped Patrick develop his leadership skills and realize his passion for advocating for his peers and for his clients within the insurance industry.

Patrick thrived as Chief CRNA as the work utilized his innate tendency to provide others with a sense of stability and security. As he gained more clinical leadership experience, he noticed that clinicians need to be receiving a higher level of care than they currently do, and he became motivated to fulfill the need by directly supporting his colleagues in these areas. This makes him the perfect fit for the role of VP of Fulfillment at The Incomologists™, where he implements quality control processes, provides existing policy support, and manages ongoing client relationships. As a managing partner, he has the opportunity to exercise his passion for protecting the incomes and achievements of his colleagues as they transition away from W2 work.

Patrick continues to practice as a CRNA, in addition to advising his fellow peers on their insurance options. Outside of his professional life, you’ll catch him on the water wakeboarding or scuba diving at Coffins or the Annisquam River in Rockport, Massachusetts. He also loves listening to alternative rock and spending time with his wife, Sarah.

John E

VP of Marketing

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John East


A native of southern Florida, John East is the son of a nurse and an emergency medical technician/firefighter. Once he left home for college, he found he had an undeniable passion and talent for healthcare, easily following in his parent’s footsteps. He began his clinical career as an EMT in 2008, quickly rising through the ranks of prehospital and emergency medicine. He has worked as a critical care and trauma transport flight clinician, educator, and leader since 2014.

While John has excelled and accomplished much in his clinical career of leadership and patient care, his true calling is supporting his colleagues and peers. His current leadership role as the Base Medical Manager of his flight program has been the most fulfilling and rewarding position of his career, as it has allowed him to advocate for his colleagues and be the catalyst for positive change for those he serves.

He believes that as clinicians, he and his peers devote themselves to caring for others, but that no one is caring for the clinicians themselves. With the proper support and care, their incomes could work for them in more ways than just paying the bills. With intelligent planning and resources, there could be more autonomy and independence from their jobs. This ethos makes John a perfect fit for his role as VP of Marketing for The Incomologists™, as they strive to use every resource available to them to be of utility to the clinical community on the largest scale possible. Jake, the founder and president of The Incomologists™, and John currently work together in the flight program and are close friends and teammates.

When John isn’t treating patients and serving his professional community, he spends quality time with his wife and fellow flight clinician, Leigh Anne, and their two cats, Ratchet and Spicy Ginger. They love the great outdoors and frequently go on adventures, nature walks, exercise together, and play golf. You can find them jamming out to classic 80s rock or island music – how’s that for diversity? – any given evening or weekend. They are currently building a house on a parcel of land where they will raise donkeys and goats and will have an epic firepit where they will discuss the finer things in life.

John L


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John Lanzilotti


For as long as he can remember, John Lanzilotti has been fascinated by medicine. His earliest memories include accompanying his physician father on his hospital rounds. Later, he attended graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania and discovered his own path working as a trauma nurse and observed the essential, and often invisible, role anesthesia providers play. He is honored to be part of a world-class team that supports patients through their most vulnerable moments.

John is an accomplished clinical provider and Instructor of Anesthesiology for the Mayo Clinic. Most notably, he has assisted in medical training for Air Force pararescuemen, Joint Special Operations medical personnel, and Air Force Ground Surgical Teams, and he continues to serve in the US Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel.

He was motivated to join the Incomologists™ team to better serve those who have sacrificed so much in the service of others. John believes that by supporting his colleagues, the well-being of all individuals and families will flourish. John believes that living virtuously is the secret to a happy life and he imparts this ethic into his professions.

He is a trusted advocate, educator, leader, and friend who hopes to remove the complexities that might hinder clinicians in safeguarding those they love the most. John has great admiration and love for his wife, who is one of his personal heroes. Together they raise six children and spend their time together training jiu-jitsu, going to the beach, enjoying their backyard wood-fired pizza with family and friends, keeping chickens, and supporting local beekeepers.



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Katie Hubert


Katie Hubert grew up in a small rural town just outside of Ocala, Florida. A natural and driven athlete, she attended Tusculum University on a scholarship for cross country, where she earned her Associate’s in General Studies. Ironically, she started running in high school to stay in shape for soccer and ended up being a talented distance runner, running herself all the way to a scholarship to an esteemed private university. After she earned her AA, she moved home to earn her surgical tech certification.

She is currently a full-time Certified Surgical Technologist – CST – at the HCA Florida Ocala Hospital where she also fulfills the operations role of team lead. Her hospital is a Level II Trauma Center and she is in charge of making sure every team member fulfills all of the day-to-day parameters of their jobs within their respective department. Katie met the founder and president of The Incomologists™, Jake, when he joined her hospital as a locum CRNA. Jake immediately noticed her admirable work ethic as a tech and team lead, noting her operationally-minded approach to work. He asked her to join The Incomologists™ as an insurance coordinator and the rest is history!

Committing to her new second career as an insurance coordinator, Katie’s day consists of locating, coordinating, and delivering any client information or assets needed for the underwriting process, while keeping the agents informed and up to date during the client transition to 1099. Her passion for this work comes from her personal experience and the experiences of her colleagues with the health insurance offered to clinicians by the hospitals they serve. She feels as though there are untapped resources that could be valuable to her peers if they knew where to look. The Incomologists™ team takes care of their clients by giving their colleagues and peers access to their immense network of insurance providers and financial advisors.

Katie and her husband live the farm life with their myriad of rabbits – 11, thanks to some gender confusion – and other furry friends including a dwarf goat named Kili, a dog named Biggs, and a cat named Arwin. Big Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fans, their animal names typically can find their inspiration through characters from these epic franchises. They also are helping fight the good fight for the environment as recreational beekeepers.




Financial Advisor

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Sara Kappos


Sara Kappos went to a small liberal arts school called Ursinus College in Pennsylvania, where she double-majored in media communications and international relations. After graduating, she held several positions in the marketing industry. However, she did not find this work impactful or meaningful – she gave a big thumbs down for working in corporate, 10/10 would not recommend – and found herself craving more passion through work. Her father and grandfather had been in business together for a long time, and her grandfather passing away acted as the catalyst to do something more meaningful with her life.

She began doing marketing for her father’s finance firm. As she sat in on her dad’s meetings she fell in love with the work the firm was doing for others. She felt they really made a difference in the lives of their clients. The job allowed her to be closer to her dad, use her logician’s brain, and exercise her creativity. In addition to working there full time, she committed to the one million years of studying needed to become a financial planner and is now a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with her Series 7, 63, 65, and life insurance certifications.

Sara has known Jake, the fearless leader of The Incomologists™, for almost 20 years, and he hand-selected her to join the team and fulfill their retirement planning and investment needs. A holistic financial planner, she evaluates the financial health of her clients and strategically sets them up to achieve their financial goals while being protected in all areas of their life.

When Sara isn’t working at the firm or for The Incomologists™, she can be found spending quality time with her husband, Jim, their little girl, Kalli, and their two dogs, Teddy and Trace. She loves to read, write, listen to music, and play the ukulele. When she has a chance to sit down on evenings and weekends, she likes to binge-watch HGTV while judging the interior design choices of complete strangers – THAT backsplash with THOSE floors? – and drink a glass of good Cabernet.

Securities and advisory offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fixed insurance products and services are separate from and not offered through Commonwealth.


How do we get paid?

Like all insurance agents, we receive a commission from the insurance company when you purchase a product through us, but you’ll never pay us anything out of pocket, even if you don’t buy anything.

We do this to educate and serve our colleagues. The fact that we all have clinical income gives us the freedom to approach every case altruistically. We frequently advise clients to save their money if there is no clear benefit to purchasing products through our team.

What is the application process like?

It’s long and annoying, but we do everything that we can to make it as easy as possible!

1. We’ll schedule a brief call with our application team to gather some basic information. We then fill out the application for you. (You do enough charting, let us take care of this one)
2. After some internal quality controls, we send the application to you to sign electronically.
3. We’ll submit the application to the insurance company
4. You’ll receive a follow-up email from the insurance company to answer some health questions.
5. The insurance company will request financial documents, medical records, physicals, or other information. Our insurance coordinators will be in touch to keep you updated throughout this entire process.
6. Once your file is complete, the insurance company will thoroughly review it before making a final decision.. They can approve the application, deny it, or approve it with changes.
7. We’ll review the results together.
8. Now you’re stuck with us! We’ll support you and your policy for as long as you have it.

What if I have medical history?

We strive to find coverage for each person who comes to us and we’ve helped many clients who believed they were uninsurable secure policies.

With a medically complex past, the process may take longer, and the options may be limited or more expensive – but we promise we’ll advocate for your needs and explore every possible solution.

How long does it take?

The average time to finalize a disability or life insurance policy is 2-4 months, but it can take longer.

We work exclusively with top tier insurance companies. Most policies they issue cannot be revoked or subjected to rate hikes, regardless of changes in your health. For this reason, insurance companies evaluate applicants thoroughly up front, and that takes time.

You can speed up the turnaround by directly asking your care provider for your medical records. Sourcing these on your own will bypass much of the buearacracy that slows things down.

For clients who are healthy and are just seeking life insurance, we can often have a decision within 1-3 days.

Can you take a look at my policy?

Of course! We’ll analyze your current policy at no cost and will tell you if everything looks great.

If there are vulnerabilities, we will help you explore solutions. This might involve updating your existing policy or supplementing it with a second one. It’s rare that the best solution is to replace it entirely.

Does everyone need disability/life insurance?

Absolutely not! We see insurance as a bridge between the present and the future.

Families continue to build their assets and resources over the course of their lives. Most would struggle financially if they experienced a death or disabling event. In those times, insurance is an unfortunate necessity.

But when our clients reach financial independence, even if they’ll continue working, we’ll likely advise them to cancel their insurance policies – and the products we use can be annulled without penalty at any time.

You’ve worked really hard to get where you are. We’d rather see you enjoy your earnings instead of sharing them with an insurance company. If you have enough wealth that work is optional, you likely don’t need our services.

How much does disability insurance cost?

Overall, disability insurance will cost 1-4% of your annual income. This can be affected by several factors, though, such as age, health, occupation, and your benefit amount and eligibility period. Your policy can be customized to your needs and budget.

Can the insurance company increase my premiums?

We specialize in fixed disability insurance policies. This means the insurance company can never cancel the policy or increase the premiums without your consent.

You can cancel the policy at any time and without penalty.

Does disability Insurance cover pregnancy or maternity leave?

Yes and no.

While disability insurance won’t cover traditional maternity leave, a long-term disability policy offers benefits for medical complications that arise from pregnancy or childbirth. If you’re unable to work due to a pregnancy or childbirth related condition, your disability insurance coverage could last for decades after your baby is born.

How do group and individual disability insurance policies differ?

Group Insurance
While plans vary from employer to employer, they often share these common characteristics.

1. The policy can be canceled or changed at any time.
2. The policy does not follow you if you decide to leave your employer.
3. There is a limited range of features. Own occupation standards and the opportunity to increase the benefit in the future are typically not included.
4. The benefit is taxed. An employer will itemize their contributions to group policies.

Individual Insurance

1. Regardless of changes to your health, the policy remains the same.
2. The true own occupation feature allows you to earn income outside of your profession while claiming your benefits.
3. The policy follows you wherever you go.
4. The rate and benefits are locked in for your entire career
5. They are often more comprehensive coverage than group plans.

Why us?

Have you ever met an insurance agent who can intubate? Well, we can!

We love caring for our patients. We also love taking care of our colleagues. Our founding agents are clinical leaders and professional insurance producers.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Our clients are our peers. It’s likely you’re just a couple mutual friends away from everyone on our team at most.
We’re clinicians. We understand what coverage you need and how to save you money.
We earn income from our clinical practice, so we never push you into a sale.
We are completely independent. We work with top tier insurance companies – not for them.
We are educators first. We’ll make sure you understand the policy you’re applying for.
We know what it’s like. Your to-do list is long and time is scarce. You can unload the insurance tasks onto us.
We’re tight-knit. We bring a community hospital feel but with quaternary referral center resources.

We’re backed by:
Capital Management Partners, LLC (CMP Advisors)
The Commonwealth Financial Network.
Ash Brokerage

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We are independent professionals who are here to serve as your guide and advocate.

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